Sunday, March 22, 2009

Randomosities Postscript

I think I commented in Randomosities that women here are expected not to smoke or drink. We just returned from a banquet held to mark the end of an education conference held here today. The participants were not all physicists but they were all university teachers or administrators. As you might expect, there weren't many women there, but of the few that were there, I was the only one drinking. I also wore makeup though for me that means a bit of under-eye cream to mask the circles (which aren't as prominent since I'm getting close to eight hours of sleep a night), a bit of mascara, and some pretty natural-colored lip gloss. Still, highlighted hair, painted face ... if I'd only had some nail polish, I could have hit all the characteristics of a prostitute with the exception of the smoking bit. I pointed this out to the husband, and he indicated that he would take me as a slut (his word) any day of the week.


pansylovr said...

Good of your husband to let you know, Jean. Totally enjoying reading about your adventures and sightseeing.
Hugs from Illinois!

Debi said...

Awww...he's so romantic!