Saturday, March 21, 2009

Myo Sim on the Road, Parts 4 and 5

I think that these two videos may complete the challenge set for older son. We went to Thuan An Beach today, which gave him the opportunity to do Am Hak on a beach and on a rock. This latter location was chosen because Am Hak translates as "crane on a rock." Here's the beach video; that's the South China Sea in the background. I hope you can hear the kiais. As for Am Hak on the rock, here's a photo to show just how far offshore the rock was. What I don't have is the photograph of the surface of the barnacle-covered, slippery-with-algae rock. That was taken using a waterproof disposable camera, so you'll just have to take our word for it that this was not the optimal surface. It also explains why this is the longest it takes older son to do Am Hak. He was being very, very careful. Presenting ... Am Hak on a rock.


Jennifer S. said...

Ok, the first one is cool. way to go Don, not letting the waves throw you off. as for the one on the rock...that just looks dangerous. not only could you slip and crack your head, but it looks like Don's shorts were about to fall off.

Megan said...

My favorite version of Don's Am Hak to date! Sounds like you all are having a great time!