Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Myo Sim on the Road, Parts 2 and 3

Several important people commented on the lack of kiais in the first video posted. In older son's defense, he was on a public monument (albeit at the back) with people at a cafe to the cameraperson's (yours truly's) left and other people behind her. Not wanting to draw any more attention to himself than he was already, older son kiaied in the spirit of Sunday morning kendo on the gym floor, by exhaling sharply w/out vocalizing. The same holds true in the Part 2 video, the jungle/temple installment, done at the My Son complex south of Hue. We were to the back of one set of ruins but on a public path. Besides not wanting to intrude on the spiritual nature of the place, we also didn't want the guide or any other visitor to think there was something wrong and come running around. Finally, to put the video that follows in context, here's the path on which older son did the kata, Am Hak. And here, for your viewing pleasure, is Am Hak done at a temple in the jungle. Part 3 of the kata-on-location assignment proved more problematic than expected. First, the Vinh Moc tunnel complex was a Viet Cong tunnel complex, belonging more appropriately to the North Vietnamese. Secondly, it's basically pitch black in there, and my digital camera won't shoot video requiring a flash. Finally, we had guides at front and end of the line to ensure that no one was left behind (at our deepest, we were 45 meters beneath the surface). The compromise was that older son moved through the passageway as much as he could in fight stance while practicing parts of the kata. I photographed from the rear, and younger son photographed from the front. Here's as much of Am Hak as we could shoot, done in a tunnel. If these don't suffice, it is possible we will be able to shoot underground on a bit grander scale, as we're scheduled to visit the Phong Nha cave in two weeks. Before that, though, is the beach, so stay tuned for more Myo Sim on the Road.

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