Sunday, March 29, 2009

Myo Sim on the Road, Addendum

No, this is not another video of older son doing Am Hak. It’s a video I shot at the celebration described in the Celebrate! Celebrate! post. As we were watching the Vietnamese students doing this activity, younger son suggested that it might make for an interesting exercise in a Myo Sim class. Who knows? If Master Morton finds this blog, we may just find ourselves trying this some Sunday morning. I will admit that I shot the first part of this video by holding the camera above my head, so bear with those parts where the action gets blocked a bit. And let me know if anyone else out there remembers this from grade school phys ed, because I actually remember doing this many, many years ago. It's actually not that hard as long as the people handling the sticks are keeping a consistent rhythm.

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Anonymous said...

I remember doing this in Camp Fire Girls all the time when we were at camp. Lenke