Sunday, March 29, 2009

Green Liquid in a Bottle (And One Last Contest)

Just what was up with that green liquid in a bottle on the curb? Remember how many motorbikes I said there were around here. Well, gas stations are few and far between in Hue proper, but then motorbikes don't take too much gas. If there's a bottle with green (or, sometimes, clear) liquid sitting on the curb, it means that the store or kiosk that it's sitting in front of sells gas by the bottle for motorbikes. Sometimes, there's a funnel sitting on top of the bottle.

There was one guess as to what the liquid was, interestingly enough from the wife of someone who rides a Vespa back home. She didn't get it right, but she's getting a prize for trying.

And here's one last chance to win something. The sons have ordered tailored, three-piece, cashmere suits, tailored cotton shirts, and custom-made leather shoes. What was the total cost for ONE set, that is, one of the suits, one of the shirts, and one pair of shoes? Get your answers in as before, to my e-mail address of jean.lightner.norum (at sign) gmail (dot) com, by Thursday night at 9:00 Hue time or 10:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time. Prize will depend on if it's going to a man or a woman, young person or older. If you've already won one of these little contests, you're still eligible on this one, so enter away!

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