Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Price Is Right

Younger son spent all day yesterday in bed with a gastrointestinal bug (apparently not food-related, so no antibiotics were needed), so today has been a quiet day. I'm trying to finish up my shopping for self and for others. Since no one even gave me a quip in response to the contest about the bottle of green liquid sitting beside the road (let me know if you want to know what it is), here's my own special "The Price Is Right" contest. Pictured below are the things I bought in one stop at the silk store around the corner this morning when I was there to order my ao dai. In the photo are four loose silk ties; one silk tie in matching box and with matching pocket kerchief and tie accessories; four women's silk scarves, one that has been twisted for a very funky effect; one pashmina shawl (the stripes); and one men's scarf (tan). The ties and men's scarf were chosen by the sons for themselves; the pashmina and twisted scarf are probably going to be for yours truly, and the other women's scarves are probable gifts for female friends.

The contest is classic "The Price Is Right." What did I pay for this, in US dollars? The closest without going over wins a prize, and it won't be snake wine unless you ask for it. Since I don't want people basing their answers on what other people guess, you have to e-mail me your guess at jean.lightner.norum (at sign) gmail (dot) com . (I'm told that writing the address that way makes it harder for a spammer to pull the e-mail address out of the blog post and use it for nefarious purposes.) One try per person (not per e-mail address, since as the owner of five different e-mail addresses I know all too well about stuffing e-mail ballot boxes). I am picking my ao dai up on Sunday afternoon (yes, I will post some photos; maybe I'll even ask for guesses as to how much that is setting me back), so let's make Sunday the end of the contest. I'll take any guesses sent before 9:00 p.m. Sunday, my time, which is 10:00 a.m. EDT in the States. This means that my Myo Sim friends can get guesses in at the last minute and still make it to class (though not workout) on Sunday.


Nancy Nelson said...

I want to know about the bottle on the can on the sidewalk. I would have ventured a guess but had absolutely no idea what it was. I was describing it to Nikki today and she had no ideas either.

Nancy said...

I hope the younger son is feeling better today and no one else gets a bug. Being sick on vacation really sucks. I am looking forward to the picture of your ao dai. Will you be wearing it?

Debi said...

Yay for hearing you did have an ao dai made!!!! (I must go look up how to pronounce that.) Afraid I'm 12 minutes too late reading this to venture a guess, but I'm eager to hear the answer. And I'm with Nancy...what the hell was that bottle all about?