Saturday, April 11, 2009

On Board with Us in Halong Bay

We've been finding that fellow tourists often want to chat with us Americans about our new president. We've had quite long conversations with an Aussie teacher and a doctor who was one of the 1975 Vietnamese boat people and has lived since then in France. We even discussed the primary and general election at length with the Aussie teacher which was more than a little interesting because of his wife's resemblance to one of the major players in the 2008 general election. Below is the reference shot. Younger son figures that in about 10 years (or after the stress of a campaign), our Aussie acquaintance will even more closely resemble Sarah Palin. We were going to point out the resemblance to the teacher or his wife, but on the last day of our Halong Bay tour, their younger son was ill with a fever, and we didn't want to upset them further.

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