Friday, April 3, 2009

A Few Random Photographs ...

... that didn't seem to fit anywhere else.

The barber is out, probably sitting across the street smoking a cigarette. Many things that you can have done in a shop, you can also get done on the street. A haircut is one of those things.

A different take on a smiley face, this is from the logo sign from the hotel at which we stayed in Ho Chi Minh City. We'll spend one more night there on our way out of the country.

Ever since I saw the silos in Saskatchewan that had "Laura" written on them, I've enjoyed finding people's names in strange places. This was along a street in Ho Chi Minh City.

Sadly, this is the only reference we've seen to any form of martial arts here. We came here with intentions of practicing regularly, but that's been tough to do. One more month, though, and I'll be back at it with a vengeance.

My brother-in-law once said that you know it's time to move on when you start to get used to a place, when one golden altar in a European cathedral looks just like another. It may be time to move on from here, because I've started to get used to seeing scenes such as this, because I do see them every time I go out.

I may actually have used this one or one like it before, but that's okay. I am not getting used to seeing how much someone can carry using a cyclo or a motorbike, because every time I think I've seen the best one yet, I see a better one.

This is a dorm at Hue University. The clothes are the students' laundry. Most people here do not use dryers, at least not this time of year. When we send our laundry to the hotel to be done, we see it drying in the courtyard below, along with all the hotel sheets and towels.

Know what sort of court this is? If you're American and you've played this game, you probably played in on the grass in the back yard. This is a badminton court, and it's in the courtyard outside the Hue University dorm. The husband played serious badminton at one time in his life, so he liked seeing this.

Think this is a lot of bicycles? It's about two thirds of the bikes outside the dorm. The others were to my right as I took this photo. This doesn't include the motorbikes, either.

I've got a few more photos that I easily could have used here. And I will have a photo of younger son in the Joker suit later tonight. I have also started a post about how East and West mixed at a Christian monastery we visited. I will try to get that finished tomorrow while I'm waiting for the last laundry to come back so that I can do the final packing. In the meantime, though, I'm off to the university's farewell dinner. Since the laundry was late coming back, I'm relegated to wearing jeans, a silk shirt, and the jacket I had tailored at the silk shop around the corner (two colors of silk and two colors of embroidery ... it cost all of $13.00). I thought the ao dai might be a bit much especially since the beer will be refilling itself, and I would hate to trip while wearing that.

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