Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Myo Sim on the Road (Crane IN a Rock)

There wasn't really a good space for him to do the Am Hak kata in the Halong Bay caves, but older son couldn't resist striking a few poses from the kata so as to be the crane in rather than on a rock. We've all been remiss about practicing our Myo Sim kata while on the trip. None of the excuses are very good. Yes, it's been hotter than hell most days. No, women do not generally exercise in public in Vietnam, and a sweaty woman is not generally viewed as a good thing. When I'm sweaty just from walking, I get more attention than I am comfortable with, and most of that is well-intentioned. "Would you like to sit?" "Here ... for you." This latter is said as someone hands me a kleenex with which to wipe the sweat off my face. We are hoping that Europe will be more amenable to going to a park and practicing. It will certainly be cooler.

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A. said...

Jean, Europe has the most unbelievably gorgeous, cool spring weather right now. Think 50s / 60s all day with a peak around three -- perfect for promenading, running, or (yes) practicing some kata.