Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Price Is Right Results

First off, here are the sons in their tailored three-piece cashmere suits, tailored cotton shirts, and custom-made leather shoes. The report on the shoes was that with the exception of the stiffness of the new leather, they felt like very worn-in shoes, naturally shaped to one's feet. Just how much did this set us back? Well, the shoes were $18.00 per pair. That's right. Custom, made-to-order leather shoes for $18.00 per pair. It's no wonder the husband ordered two pairs, one in brown and one in black. The sons also got custom-made sandals at $6.00 per pair. As for the suits and shirts, those combined to cost $119.00 for each son. So, $18.00 plus $119.00 comes to a total of $137.00. We had some guesses under and one over, but the winner is ... Cousin-in-Law Debi, come on down! Your guess of $90.00 was the closest without going over. Your prize, keeping in the vein of things one can get cheap here, is a ladies Rolex watch. That's right ... a Rolex! And not just any Rolex, but one that is so obviously fake it has its own special value. Here it is. I'm not sure which I like better: the huge 9 or the incorrect Roman numeral IIII. It just looked like a fun watch, and since Debi is a fun person, that makes it a very suitable prize for her. I'll put it in the mail when we get back to the States in early May. Congratulations!

The price of younger son's birthday suit? You know, the Joker one in purple and green raw silk? Yeah, that one was $80.00.


Nancy said...

Mighty handsome young men! The suits look great. Glad they decided to get the sandals. what a great price. Congrats to Debi.

Debi said...

Well, when I said "looking spiffy" in my e-mail, I was totally off-base...they're looking downright hot, aren't they? What gorgeous suits! And for $119, it makes me want to fly to Hue right now and have Rich get one made!

I love the watch!!! Especially the IIII. :) I'm the one who is going to be looking spiffy!

Nann said...

The suits are wonderful, and such a deal!

The 9 is the giveaway....I have seen English and American clock faces from the 18th/19th centuries with IIII instead of IV, though I doubt that the southeast Asian who "crafted" the Rolex had it in mind to emulate a Georgian clockmaker.

VA said...

Handsome, classic and the hat makes it!