Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today is younger son's 19th birthday; it also happens to be the birthday of the other UVa professor teaching here right now. The hotel gave each of them an absolutely gorgeous not to mention very, very tasty birthday cake, flowers, and, at least in younger son's case, a ride to the elevator on the luggage cart while the staff sang to him. After almost a month here, you get to know the people at the front desk, the breakfast servers, and even the housekeeping staff. It's been great! Here's the plug for the hotel, from the side of the cake. That's the Truong Giang Hotel, and we'd highly recommend it to anyone coming here. Here's younger son with the cake and the flowers. As for younger son's present, he asked for something very specific, something he knew that we'd probably only buy him here. He's seen The Dark Knight an unknown number of times, and what he asked for was the suit the Joker wore. It's purple, with a long tail on the coat. The vest is a shade of green. It could only be custom-made, and that's what it will be, yes, at the silk shop around the corner in, I kid you not, raw silk of the purple and green varieties. If I told you how much or little it cost, I'd risk skewing the results of the current contest to price a three-piece cashmere suit, a cotton dress shirt, and leather shoes. I'll release the price of the Joker suit later tonight, when I announce the new winner.

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Debi said...

That may well be the coolest birthday request I've ever heard. Well, I did kind of enjoy Max's request last year for eyes that can shoot lasers, but unfortunately (no, make that fortunately) we couldn't come through for him. Hope he had an incredible day!