Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sorry, But I Just Couldn't Resist (No Offense Intended)

Having opened the door yesterday with my comment that Oslo seems like a giant sculpture garden, I really have to show you a few shots of a park we stumbled on quite by accident today on our way back from the Folk Museum. On the map, it's called the Vigeland Sculpture Park. And it's, well, let's just call it "different" for lack of a better word. Here's the first sculpture we saw, from a distance, though this photo was obviously taken from closer up. Yes, that's an anatomically correct statue of a naked man and a naked woman. We first noticed the statue because a young girl was standing on the platform massaging, well, you can guess what she was massaging. After she walked away, we went down and took some photos. As we were walking away, another young girl, this one dressed all in pink, ran up, hopped on to the platform, and started massaging the same part of the statue.

Next, we encountered this, as seen from a distance. It's an obelisk, right? Well, yeah, but it's a bit more graphic when seen from up close. Here are a few more shots, of one of the gates to the sculpture platform and of some of the smaller sculptures around the obelisk. I particularly like the honesty in the statue of the two older women.

As the title of the post suggests, I don't mean for this post to offend anyone. The obelisk actually seemed like a very popular gathering place. There were parents taking photos of their children playing around the statues that had children in them. People were sitting in the sun, talking or watching other people. It seemed a nice, relaxed place to gather on a sunny spring afternoon. Can I imagine this in Charlottesville? Not on your life!


snmn said...

I went to that park, with my parents and sibs and aunt no less :o)... its very nice and well made -the sculptures amazed mom b/c of the details. She touched one of the backs of the sculptures and found that the artist made it feel like there are muscles and took all of that into consideration.
Hopefully we'll get to talk about this amongst other things when we catch up !

Nann said...

Nope, not in my town, either. But very thought-provoking.

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