Saturday, May 2, 2009

Random Shots from Oslo

It's the penultimate full day of the trip, and it was very slow and mellow here in Oslo today. The husband and sons did some laundry while I re-packed the bags that the husband and I will take home with us on Monday. I didn't really have the energy to write a full post, but here are more than a few shots from the 15 miles we walked and the two museums we visited in Oslo yesterday. The first shot is a larger-than-life-sized fabric flower in the cemetery across the street from where we're staying in Oslo. We have a two-room suite in the Catalina Bed & Breakfast, an older home converted into flats. The images below are all from the Viking Ship Museum. Some are of the ships themselves; others are of things found with the ships. I particularly like what appears to be an Eastern Buddha-like figure.

The photos below are from the Kon-Tiki Museum, a museum devoted to Thor Heyerdahl's expeditions. I remember reading Kon-Tiki in elementary school and being fascinated by it.

Below are a manhole cover and some sculptures we saw on the walk from the museums to dinner (at Peppe's Pizza, a chain we discovered in Trondheim) and from there back to the hotel. The Norwegians do love sculpture; it's like one big sculpture garden here.

Finally, here are a shot of a store window, signs for two streets just made to be together, and a playground something that the sons say they really wish they had in the States. For all I know, they might have it there, but it has an air of "danger" about it that suggests they don't.

We're going to the Norwegian Folk Museum tomorrow and, time permitting, the Fram Museum and/or the Norwegian Maritime Museum before dinner at an Indian restaurant we found on the way back to the hotel last night. Interestingly enough, Norway has actually been the hardest country in which to feed a lacto-ovo-vegetarian, so happening across this restaurant was nice; we wanted to do a nice dinner with which to send the sons off on their own adventure and the husband and me off to home. I was a bit concerned about finding a place in which we could each eat happily, and I think this one will work nicely.

If I don't get a post up tomorrow, let me say that I've appreciated that you've traveled with me via this blog. It's been a wonderful way for me to keep a journal of the trip, much easier than writing on paper or even "to myself" on the computer would have been. I may post some follow-ups such as one about waste disposal around the world, but those will probably to to my more everyday blog since I have to bring this trip to a definite end sometime. If your feet still itch, I imagine that younger son will keep posting photos to his blog, so check in there from time to time over the next three weeks. Happy trails!

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